Thank you for your interest.

Welcome, we are excited that you are interested in a musical performing career.  This is good, however, the best way to  get on with us, is to send in your information by e-mail.  Please send at least two digital photos (jpg) of yourself no larger than 350 pixels by 350 pixels (or there abouts), and not more than about 200,000 bytes each.  If you need technical help, you can usually obtain such help at Kinko's or some other business services store (or photography studio).    Please send at least two  MP3 audio files.  All attachments together must not exceed one megabyte for one e-Mail.   We suggest that you limit yourself to 5 e-Mails.  When you send the e-mails be sure to put "Eval Bio " and your Name in the subject line.   If you are sending multiple e-mails be sure to put Part I or Part II  etc. after your name.   Make sure that you include your biographical information.  Be sure to include what instruments you can play, what styles you can play in, and a list of your featured songs.  Include what professional bands you have played with, what artists you have performed side or front with.  You may want to include what one of your more memorable performances was like.  Please consider including anything that was written about you in any newpaper. Be sure to include any musical abilities you might have, which may include site reading music.  Please keep your bio to one or two pages tops.  

Send your bio and media files to:

However, for those of you who insist on mailing your information in via the Post Office, there are some very big caveats.  Warning: your materials will not be cataloged.  It will not be sent to other directors in the other states.  Your materials will never be returned.  Finally, if you snail mail the materials instead of e-mailing them, it could take several weeks (or longer) before I am able to look at it.  Where as if you e-mail it, it will go to all of our directors in all states immediately, and they will probably make a decision right away.

If you still need to mail the materials anyway here is our address: 
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